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Technical Restoration - Electronic and Machinery Restoration
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Technical Restoration

Technical, Electronic and Machinery Cleaning and Restoration

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Juvenaire specialises in Technical, Electronic and Machinery cleaning and restoration of fire, water, soot, smoke, mould and rust damaged electrical items and equipment.

Juvenaire’s services include:
• Decontamination
• Drying and Moisture Removal
• Cleaning and Restoring
• Odour Removal and Deodorisation

Juvenaire has highly trained and experienced technicians that specialise in restoring your items back to pre-loss condition.

Fire, Water, Mould and Rust Damaged Equipment that Juvenaire can restore:
• Computers (PC and Mac), laptops, servers, tablets, Ipads, network hardware (switches and routers), notebooks netbooks, monitors (LCD, LED and CRT)
• Printers, scanners, photocopiers, laminators, shredders, multifunctions
• Telecommunication equipment (phone systems), mobile phones, smartphones, Iphones
• Televisions (LCD, PLASMA, LED, CRT and rear projection), home theatre equipment (amplifiers, receivers, speakers), DVD and Bluray Players, Monitors
• Kitchen appliances (toaster and kettle), fridges, microwaves, ovens
• Audio equipment, hi-fi’s, radios, Ipods, Ipod docks, turntables
• Game Consoles – PS3, Xbox, Wii
• Cameras (digital and SLR)
• Optical and medical equipment
• Power tools

Juvenaire also provides:
• Fast Response Time
• 24/7 Support
• Emergency Technical Restoration
• IT Diagnosis and Repair
• Simple Data Recovery and Backup
• Odour Control

A Fast Response Time is critical when restoring fire, water and mould contaminated items.

Fire, Soot and Smoke Contaminated Electronics
Fires can start in different areas of a house eg. Kitchen fire, laundry fire and depending on the items and household chemicals damaged, changes the contamination of the soot residue. Varying levels of contamination in soot residue results in varying levels of corrosive damage to soot affected electrical items, therefore having a quick response time allows for a higher recovery rate of your items.

Water Damaged Electronics
Water damage to electrical items is a very common occurrence. Leaking sinks are one of the major causes of water damage. Having an electrical item affected by water can not only cause major damage to the item but is also a hazard to you. In many instances electrical equipment collects a significant amount of dust. When water mixes with the dust it creates a substance that is not only highly corrosive but can also become conductive, meaning can conduct electricity. This is extremely dangerous and is why if you have electrical items affected by water damage you must turn off all power and unplug all electrical items. Then, engage a professional to restore the water affected electronic items in a safe and controlled environment.

Mould Contaminated Electronics
Juvenaire’s highly trained technicians have methods of decontaminating and restoring mouldy computers, televisions and an extensive range of other electronics. The procedures used effectively removes all mould and the electronics are then power and function tested.

Odour Removal in Electronics
Juvenaire’s warehouse has a specialised drying room for odour removal. After the damaged equipment is restored, the item is placed in this drying and treatment room to eliminate any odours lingering on the item. Juvenaire has the most technologically advanced odour removal process and equipment, effectively removing all smoke odours, musty and stagnant odours.


What is Technical, Electronic and Machinery Restoration?
The restoration of ALL electrical items affected by a disaster or unforseen incident such as water damage, fire damage, water leaks, soot and ash contamination, corrosion (rust damage) or a power surge.

What should I do in case of an emergency?
Turn power off and unplug all electrical items.

Note: Often an item will still turn on and function after an incident (eg, soot damage or mould damage) however due to the added contaminants, if you continue to power the item it will actually cause further damage and may cause an item to become unrestorable when initially it could have been repaired.

Note: Water damaged electronic equipment can become conductive, meaning can conduct electricity, if power is not immediately turned off and therefore can become a serious hazard for yourself or other family members. Any water damaged electrical equipment MUST have all power supply turned off and brought in for correct restoration.

Are items safe to use after restoration?
All electronic equipment restored by Juvenaire is power and function tested prior to return. Any items that fail this testing are discarded.

Note: Electrical items have a tendency to store dust and other airborne particles as part of their day to day operation. Having equipment restored effectively cleans the item better than pre-loss condition.

Has the longevity of an item been compromised by having it restored?
No. Items are restored to pre-incident condition and will suffer no loss of life due to the incident. Any items identified as having the potential to breakdown because of the disaster will not be classed as restored. It is important to remember that the items being restored are USED equipment and could fail due to normal wear and tear. Restoring equipment to pre-loss condition does not mean restoring to a brand new item.

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Technical Restoration
Technical Restoration
Technical Restoration
Technical Restoration
Technical Restoration
Technical Restoration

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