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Meth Lab Clean-up - Specialising in Methamphetamine drug lab clean up in Queensland
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Meth Lab Clean-Up

Introduction to Methamphetamine
Juvenaire recognises the manufacture of illicit drugs predominantly Methamphetamine, as a significant issue that has become widely recognised. Clandestine drug labs or Methamphetamine labs, commonly known as meth labs, speed, crank, crystal, and ice labs produce harmful chemicals that can significantly affect human health. A successful Methamphetamine lab clean up/clandestine drug lab clean up involves meth testings (pre and post) and meth samples. These are only some of the necessary decontamination methods required to appropriately remediate a meth lab home to a safe and liveable condition.

Juvenaire Pty Ltd has a vast knowledge and understanding of methamphetamine contamination and the health risks associated with methamphetamine labs/clandestine drug labs. Juvenaire offers experienced technicians with extensive specialised training that through pre and post testings can provide the most effective and appropriate decontamination and remediation procedures to ensure the return of a safe habitable property.

About Methamphetamine
Methamphetamine an illegal drug, originally used for the treatment of many ailments from depression to decongestion, has become a highly addictive and easily made narcotic. Benzene, Ammonia, Methylene Chloride and Phosphine are just some of the chemicals used to manufacture meth and can be easily purchased through pharmacies, hardware stores and supermarkets. Through the easily accessible ingredients and production, a substantial increase in the making of meth in Australia has resulted. According to the Australian Crime Commission, 449 clandestine/meth drug labs were detected by police in Australia in 2008-2009. Queensland has the biggest problem of all the states, 148 of the 449 labs being detected. This substantial increase in the production of meth has resulted in necessary procedures and guidelines being established to eliminate the high health risks associated with the properties discovered.

How Methamphetamine affects your home
The manufacturing of the illicit drug meth has increased in homes, apartments, caravans, hotels, garages and commercial buildings. Manufacturing methamphetamine involves a cooking process where mixtures of dangerous chemical vapours permeate all porous surfaces thus filling the property with harmful chemicals. These dangerous chemicals emit fumes which are absorbed and contaminate property carpeting, wallboards, ceiling tiles, wooden items, kitchen benches and utensils, children’s toys, clothing, linen and other fabrics, books, documents and furniture. Determining the extent of contamination is necessary in deciding which internal structures and contents need removal or a thorough clean.

Health Issues associated with meth labs
It has been widely recognised by many governments, including the Australian Government, that the residual contamination arising from illicit drug manufacture carried out in clandestine drug laboratories presents a serious risk of harm to human. (QLD Government guidelines)

If left un‐remediated, properties that have been used as meth drug labs pose serious health problems to future inhabitants. People can be exposed by breathing the air that may contain suspended contaminant particles as dust, by touching surfaces that are contaminated, by eating or drinking from glasses or dishes that have layers of contaminated grime or by eating after their hands are in contact with contaminated areas. The health issues that arise can include breathing problems, headaches, nausea, dizziness, skin and eye irritation and respiratory irritation. High levels of exposure can result in more severe health problems such as severe lung damage, skin and throat burns or even death.

Pre and Post testing
Pre and Post testing is an essential requirement needed to determine the level of methylamphetamine presence on inside surfaces and contents. In Australia according to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) Clandestine Laboratory Site Remediation Guidelines, the presence of methylamphetamine if found at levels greater than 0.5 micrograms is unacceptable and remediation is recommended.

Using a qualified technician for pre-remediation testing identifies hazards at the site, provides an indication of the level of contamination and provides information on the necessary steps needed to clean the property to a safe liveable level. Chemicals and hazards may not be visible to the naked eye and this is why a professional is needed.

As pre testing is necessary to determine the levels of contamination, post testing is essential to determine the property after decontamination is now safe. Occupational Health and Safety requires a final report and clearance from a qualified scientist providing the tick of approval presenting a safe and completely decontaminated property.

Why use Juvenaire
Juvenaire are the professionals in clandestine lab clean up and want to heighten the awareness of the health risks associated with these drug labs. Through their extensive training and knowledge Juvenaire can effectively educate and importantly decontaminate the harmful chemicals left behind.

Juvenaire Pty Ltd provides trained specialists in meth lab decontamination to not only remediate the interior structures and contents, but to meet necessary Occupational Health and Safety standards to allow a property to be habitable again. After contamination it is essential for a specialist to determine the necessary steps needed to restore a property back to a healthy and liveable environment. Juvenaire is this specialist and provides the most effective remedial procedures and ensures full control of the situation, implementation of the correct testing regimes, pre and post testing evaluations and decontamination and remediation of the property to a habitable level.

Complete remediation of the property is important for the safety of inhabitants’ especially young children and the elderly. Juvenaire are experts and lead the industry in providing the highest level of quality and service to ensure the best remediation for health and safety posed by the chemicals associated with the production of methamphetamine.

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Meth Lab Clean up
Meth Lab Clean up
Meth Lab Clean up
Meth Lab Clean up
Meth Lab Clean up

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