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BK-200 Series
This UVC anti-allergy vacuum cleaner is
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Content Restoration

Juvenaire is one of Queensland’s Premier Disaster Recovery, Restoration and Content Management Specialists providing full turnkey cleaning and restoration services in-house. With state of the art technology and a state of the art facility, Juvenaire is capable of cleaning, restoring and storing contents safely and securely.

Pack Outs/Content Categories

Juvenaire’s content processing system begins onsite where the categorisation of contents is critical. Juvenaire has an experienced team of technicians that are trained to first identify and separate contents into specific categories and then pack and remove efficiently, effectively and carefully onsite.
Juvenaire’s Smart Pack Inventory allows for specific categorisation of contents. These categories affect where these items are designated in the warehouse and in turn how these contents are processed.

Drying/Odour Control Rooms

Juvenaire’s facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of contents that have been affected by a disaster. Water affected contents with high moisture levels are immediately assigned to a drying room to prevent further damage.
Highly contaminated contents that have been restored can sometimes retain strong odours. Juvenaire has extensive experience in providing odour control solutions and can remove or neutralise these odours by the implementation of smoke odour eliminating techniques such as ozone technology. Which technique is used, depends on the content and its contamination.

Off Gas Technology
Through research and development, Juvenaire now has the capability to remove smoke odour from timber furniture and plastic materials once considered non-restorable and destined for landfill. Depending on the materials affected, heat is used to release the VOC gases over a set period of time to remove odours trapped deep in the pores of the materials.

Hand Cleaning Stations
Each hand cleaning station utilises both a Hepavac and an air compressor for initial mitigation of heavily contaminated items. The aforementioned are also used to facilitate detailed processing of contents for which specialised products are used depending on both the item and its contamination.

Soft Contents Cleaning
The Esporta Wash System is the disaster restoration industry’s only wet wash machine designed to recover “Soft Contents” from fire and water disasters.
Its patented design features safe hold compartments for holding delicates, leathers and what is known as Category 2 & 3 soiled laundry. It can disinfect, deodorise, and wash up to 73kg of laundry, shoes and other bulky goods that might have survived a fire or water disaster.
The patent Esporta Wash System utilises hydraulic pressure and specially formulated proprietary detergents to remove all organic and non-organic contaminants and odours. It is the most effective and efficient process to clean soft contents with unsurpassed results.

Hard Contents Cleaning
The Fireline Ultrasonics Cleaning System uses cavitation technology as a method of cleaning hard contents that have suffered fire, water, and sewage and mould contamination.
Ultrasonic cavitation is a technique that uses high frequency sound waves to agitate water generating bubbles. These bubbles enlarge and then implode producing millions of microscopic jets of liquid that gently remove contaminants embedded on hard contents.
This unique cleaning method is ideal as the process is efficient and yields consistent results. With the Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Juvenaire has the ability to restore and recover a continually expanding list of previously unrecoverable items.

Storage & Return of Contents
Juvenaire’s warehouse can easily accommodate numerous projects running simultaneously whether big or small. We strive to ensure that the possessions of the clients are at all times protected from additional damage, during removal, storage and return. Once an item has been successfully restored, it is wrapped or packed carefully according to the item and placed in storage vaults allocated to the job.
Juvenaire has secure premises where items are able to be stored indefinitely until which point the client is ready to receive the contents. Juvenaire organises all aspects of return from transportation to reinstalment of contents within the client’s property.

Quality Assurance Control
Juvenaire is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of content restoration. Throughout the restoration process each item is vigorously monitored and checked allowing for optimal results. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and Juvenaire endeavours to guarantee this.


  • Pack out system that allows for damaged contents to be restored in-house while your property is being restored.
  • A communication system that guarantees fast response time and a single point of contact throughout the process.
  • Juvenaire can provide a consistent level of quality control over a large volume of claims, with no nasty surprises.
  • Ability to restore a high percentage of contents reducing the overall cost of the claim every time.
  • Sate of the art facility at Archerfield capable of cleaning, restoring and storing contents safely and securely.
  • The implementation of environment management systems for a sustainable future as contents once destined for landfill can now be restored.
  • Ongoing research and training so we are applying industry best practice at all times to ensure our team delivers the best outcome for you.

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